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Contest Fietsland2040

Professional association of Dutch urban planners and urban planners

The competition read: "The Netherlands is pre-eminently a cycling country. The bicycle is an indispensable part of our daily lives and has a great influence on the appearance of our country. But is this unique culture future-proof?"

Answer MIXD: "Despite its good image, the Dutch bicycle network lacks links and junctions that can stimulate regional bicycle use. Together with trainee Louis Isidore, MIXD came up with refreshing ideas after research at three locations, such as the projection of a grid of national bicycle junctions (abri's) equipped with, among other things, loading facilities for E-bikes, lockers for delivery vans, automats and storage, depending on type (S,M,L,XL).

The entry was rewarded with the 2nd prize.

Louis Isidore (design internship)
Design (layout submission)

PDF file submission

link: http://www.bnsp.nl/fietsland2040/
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