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ZZP Business center

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Interior design

Due to the growing number of self-employed people, Haag Wonen decided in 2009 to carry out an experiment in which they wanted to make vacant office space on a parking deck of a shopping centre in the Mariahoeve district suitable for flexible and permanent workplaces, including communal facilities such as (in)formal meeting rooms.

Together with Paul Maas, MIXD made the interior design in which the original sturdy steel construction was largely visualized by removing the system ceiling where possible.

Because of the limited budget a cable duct in sight and untreated steel for the new tables, reception, counter, bar and coffee corner together with a limited color palette was chosen. This clear layout with tough materials has withstood the time and adaptations well; the centre is still operational 11 years later.

P. Maas (design & materialization)
Popsoda (light fittings)
Kozel Bouw (contractor)

Koen van Domburg

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