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Vrije Academie Den Haag

Workshops & exhibition space

Free Academy
Interior design

De Vrije Academie, founded in 1947 and housed on the Paviljoensgracht in The Hague, offers artists the opportunity to develop themselves. In more recent years, an exhibition space called GEMAK was added to provide a platform for current and controversial themes in art, politics and society, and to allow the public to experience art as a starting point for discussions and lectures.

This made it important to clarify and strengthen the identity of the organisation, to relocate internal functions and to improve accessibility and orientation. MIXD was asked to make a proposal for this.

In the design MIXD linked the counter function to the office space and accommodated this in a transparent volume. Sculptural elements of blue steel suggest massive volumes that give direction to the space as it enters and frame the glass without bars or edges. The living space with coffee corner and work/sitting areas were also designed in untreated steel and covered with industrial felt. The solid cherry wood counter has been taken out of one piece, just fitting out of the tree trunk.

Thijsse Bouw (contractor)
Smithy of Rhine (steelwork)

Gerrit Schreurs (001)
Georges van Wensveen (others)

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  • Wim Sandbergen, Le Corbusier en Livinus van de Bundt.
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