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Zandgast Scheveningen

Pitch design visitor centre

Province of South Holland &

Province of Zuid-Holland and Satellietgroep wrote a pitch to create a public-friendly information and artist residence at the unique location of the Zandmotor (ZM). The ZM is an artificial peninsula off the coast of Ter Heijde. This sand suppletion serves to protect the coast.

As the main location for the transfer of information to the public, MIXD has designed an access route to the visitor centre and strategically provided it with a palisade.
The contour of the ebb and flow mark line of the starting year of the Sand Motor form the flat ground of that route.

The flanking palisade is made of planks sawn from discarded ducdalfen. In this way, in addition to the necessary shelter, space is created for display cases for artefacts and information and the view of the landscape (and the ZM) can be framed.

The programme of requirements of the visitor centre had not been defined. However, it was clear that it had to be able to grow and change over time. That is why MIXD opted for a modular set-up with sea containers. Given the context, this was a logical choice and also suited the minimum budget. The amount of sand from the replenishment (21.500.000 m3) results in a sphere with a radius of 173 m. A circle with that radius forms (in view from the ZM) the boundary at the top of the palisade.

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