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Pushinsky Cinema Moskou


The Union of Russian Architects
Design landmark for the future

The Union of Russian Architects, in collaboration with DuPont, YEM, Architizer and Karo Film, launched a competition to renew the facade of the Pushkinsky Cinema in Moscow. The express intention was not to restore it to its former glory, but to create a landmark for the future.

Photographer Muybridge († 1904) made the first roadmovies ever. His studies of movement marked an intermediate phase, called chronophotography, and inspired many artists such as Marcel Duchamp and Frances Bacon. His photographic 'Woman walking down stairs' provided MIXD with inspiration for the design of the cinema façade, making it an architectural tribute to this American cinematographic pioneer.

In order to give the context of Moscow (location/decor) a place in this 'road movie', the façade curve derives its form from traditional Russian architecture; the characteristic features of the Kremlin, among others. By extruding the same descriptive curve of the 'onion', but not around an axis (point), but along a path (line), the curved, voluminous facade is created. After all, a film can be analysed mathematically as the adventure of a number of points on a path in time...

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