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Willem Dreespark Den Haag

Creative industry

Municipality of The Hague
Redesign facade & energy performance update

The former technical school at Willem Dreespark 312 is used as a workspace for artists and as an exhibition space. The existing facade is made up of, among other things, asbestos cladding, single glazing and is in poor condition.

MIXD is asked to supervise the redesignation (fire safety, energy performance) and to make a redesign for the facade. Asbestos remediation is also carried out. The building parts will present themselves as a whole, much more than before. The glass surface will be reduced slightly.

Given the location on the water and the associated reflection, the vertical elements - containing the rainwater drains - are articulated in shape and color. For the closed parts of the facade, eternit is used when connected to ground level and waste wood for the other parts (originating from reels of the cable factory in Delft). These pinewood parts are preserved with residual heat and without preservative chemicals.

This project will in that way contribute to drawdown.org goals. The artists themselves have disassembled the reels and are thus involved in renovating their building.

MIXD has issued the building permit, prepared the tender and the wok is intended to start in 2020. MIXD also performs the general building management.

Michael Doocey (facade material)
D.C. van den Boogaard (constructor)
Ontwerpburo van der Vlugt (installation)
ZRI (fire safety consultant)

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