MIXD architecture & art

Masia Aragon Spanje

Off-grid holiday home

Design up to and including application for planning permission

The permit for this off-grid refuge/district in a former harvest shed/stable, located in the rural area of Aragon, Spain, was issued at the end of 2019.

The design realized by MIXD provides a self-sufficient home where rainwater will be collected, all wastewater will be reused and energy will be generated by solar panels.

In accordance with local landscape requirements, the original and circular materials will be used as much as possible. In connection with termites, a combination of prefabricated concrete beams and ceramic elements has been chosen for the floor construction.

The project was a study of sustainability, self-sufficiency and (unexpectedly) irony: the announcement in January 2020 of the possible arrival of a wind farm with 84 windmills of 190 meters in height that will completely ridicule the careful integration into the landscape.... The conflict of our time is summed up in the iconic image of the epic struggle against windmills, so characteristic of Don Quixote.

Carlos Aldea (arquitecto technico)

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