MIXD architecture & art

Demolition of undo

Video performance

Vrije Academie
Contribution jubilee exhibition

In the force field in which cultural institutions have to survive, uncertainty about survival is a constant source of concern. Degradation of accumulated experience and expertise and demolition of (interior) architecture sometimes makes room for new sky stormers. But that is no guarantee.

This theme underlies the work Demolition of undo in which removal (demolition) is depicted by means of a masking drawing that is then also undone by an act of destruction.

For the celestial stormers who actually came years later, MIXD produced the design for their initiative, which involved the basement with the space on the ground floor, see project The Grey Space in the Middle.

The video recording of the performance can be viewed via the link below:

  • https://vimeo.com/54445701/
  • project 38
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