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The waterfront tearoom

Bunker V192 is located in the Westbroekpark in The Hague. The Bunker is located on the grounds of Theeschenkerij De Waterkant and has been used as an exhibition space during the summer since 2002. By invitation, David Flipse and Andries Micke jointly created a video and sculpture.

The work consisted of two parts: an artificial (stable) island with a door - placed in the middle of the Haringkade - and a video that was shown in the bunker. The video contained two standing sculptures mounted next to each other: simultaneously photographed from the island, but in opposite directions. In this way, two photos were taken every minute for 24 hours. These photos were edited in the video to 24 f/s, which resulted in another 1 minute of video.

David Flipse † (design to execution)
Stroom The Hague (grantor)

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