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Taalratel Rotterdam


Rotterdam Center for the Visual Arts / De Vrije Parel Foundation
Design sculpture Dordtselaan

As a result of the initiative Design sculpture Dordtselaan, MIXD, together with the Rotterdam artist Henry van Zanten, has developed a proposal in which animated texts play the leading role.

In this sculpture, words acquire meaning and meaning by chance. Henry de Taalratel called this textual variant of the 'Cadavre Exquise'. It celebrates freedom of expression, which means that thoughts and words may always be freely connected; no thought is taboo.

Unfortunately, the co-commissioner 'Stichting de Vrije Parel' came into disrepute, as a result of which the project ended prematurely.

Henry van Zanten
Concept and image
Henry van Zanten & MIXD
Renderings & Technique

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