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Sketch draft including budget

HetSchreihuisje, or weeping house, is a historic building from the thirties situated at 't Hoofd along the Nieuwe Waterweg in Schiedam-Zuid. It served as a guardhouse for people who departed for their voyage and loved ones who stayed behind crying. In the course of the 20th century it lost this function and since 2012 Stichting Mooi Werk has the house under its care and there are changing exhibitions. The wish arose to supplement the house with a Writer's House, intended to record local stories. The Satellite Group has been asked by the municipality of Schiedam to develop a proposal for this.

Satelliet Groep called in MIXD to make a sketch design and budget for the plan. MIXD worked on the design together with Jacqueline Heerema. The writers residence is placed in the plan as a 'spider' partly over the Schreihuisje. The residence is under construction because of the floods and the social safety of the guest artist. The architecture of the writers' residence is derived from archetypal elements from the shipping industry: a boat folded from (writing) paper crossed with the archetype of a house. The water side is open, the less open land side contains the entrance and the dormitory.

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