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't Gras v/d Buren Den Haag

City garden

For years a piece of land had been left fallow at the intersection of the Joseph Ledelstraat and De Constant Rebecquestraat in The Hague. This was a thorn in the side of many, which led to the idea at the beginning of 2012 to do something about it together.

After several meetings of the initiative group* the following program of demands and wishes came forward: space for growing vegetables / fruit, play / learning, meet / relax and a stage for cultural performances / film.

Designer René Jansen approached MIXD and together they set to work to create the design, raise the necessary funds and realize the performance.

It became 't Gras v/d Buren, a garden for and of the neighborhood, but also for the many passers-by who use the De Constant Rebecquestraat which connects the centre with the Regentessekwartier district.

Initiative group
Local residents, Theater Zeebelt, municipality of The Hague district Segbroek, foundation Boog, residents organization BoReVa and breeding ground DCR.

The project has been made financially possible by
Staedion (landowner), Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds, Fonds 1818, Piet Oudolf Groen in de Buurt Fonds, Stichting Doen, Municipality of The Hague district Segbroek.

René Jansen (initiator & co-designer)
Er designs & Janneke Hendriks (design logo and website)
Saskia Verschelling (inventor name)

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