MIXD architecture & art

Uilebomen 66 Den Haag

Recording studio, residents'organisation & design studio

Municipality of The Hague, OCW Buildings
Interior design

The former school building on the Uile trees was part of the municipal property with cultural purpose. The question to reallocate the building for a recording studio for The Hague band 'Splendid', a graphic design office and an office and meeting facility for a residents' organization was answered by MIXD together with Insitu architects with a quantitative research.

The programme drawn up considerably exceeded the available floor space. In addition, the expected vibrations of the recording studio required damping or complete disconnection from the other parts of the building. In the first instance we looked for possibilities to gain indoor space.

For the realisation of the recording studio it was therefore decided to demolish the existing floor, which opened up the high crawl space. The new floor was installed one metre lower, supported by its own new drilling pile foundation. Because of the extra height obtained it was also possible to create a place for soloists or amplifiers under the 'control room'.

In consultation with Splendid the optimal conditions were determined and it was even possible to bring daylight into this recording studio. Extra space has been created in the design studio by creating a new mezzanine floor and light has been brought inside by creating new facade openings.

In addition to meeting the technical challenges, this design has achieved a revitalization of the architecture of the original building, by detecting and remedying the cause of building physics complaints, by introducing more daylight and bright colours, by careful detailing and by facilitating optimal use.

The building management conducted MIXD. This project received support from the EU.

Insitu Architects Iris Schutten (design)
Bureau Beekink (installation advice)
Bureau Corsmit (construction advice)
Kozel Bouw (contractor)

Koen van Domburg

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