MIXD architecture & art


MIXD architecture & art is a mixed practice founded by Andries Micke in 2002. Since then, fresh solutions for cultural, residential and business assignments were delivered and realized.
MIXD produces architecture as well as art, but never blurs the distinction between the two: architecture serves a purpose, only art can be autonomous.

Architectural projects start in a research based perspective. Cultural value collide in the architectural design process with hardcore physics, in a space defined by financial-, ecological-, technical borders and legislation.
A project vision is formed in a structured process. This will guide the experimental road towards the end result. All phases of the building process can be offered. After presentation of vision and design, a project needs good management to be realized as intended (aesthetically, economically, technically). MIXD provide this with dedication and experience.
When needed, partners in our network can contribute with specific knowledge.

Experienced with realization of urban programs, ranging from sound-studio to exhibition-space, business-centre to housing provides desired knowledge, skills and sense for a broad spectrum of programs.